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Lifelines (2021)


This album is a tribute and a testament to the musical friendships and collaborations that have sustained me throughout the pandemic. Each track grew out of a different collaboration with different musical partners and friends who are all dear to me and have helped me keep my spirits up during this time. The album also showcases different traditional eastern European instruments that I play (Moldovan cobza - track 4-5; cimbalom - track 6-11; pan flute - track 4).

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Californeasca (2020)

In March 2020, we released an album under the bandname Mahala called Californeasca containing a mix of traditional Romanian and Moldovan songs and original compositions in the Lautareasca (gypsy) style. The album was recorded in the first half of 2019 in my home studio and features Andrew Cohen (accordion), Annie Hendrix (violin), myself (cimbalom & panflute), Matthew Stein (violin & viola), Travis Hendrix (bass & ocarina), and special guest singer Ionela Guzic. Since it's release, the CD has been featured on several radio programs (e.g., PRX Global Village with Chris Heim; KDVS Crossing Continents; Spanish National Radio 3 - Sonideros).

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